Over a span of 25 years, Rhona's career was in the Administration and Human Resources fields in the corporate world.


Since retiring from that profession, Rhona has been inspiring and helping others get the best out of life through Fitness, Health, and Wellness programs by teaching them how to bring balance to their lives.




Rhona Parsons

 The Balance Coach, Speaker,

Author, Educator, Consultant


Helping employees take an active role in achieving and maintaining:

Good Health

Work/Leisure Balance

Increased Productivity

A Healthy Lifestyle

Rhona's goal is to help employers and employees create a stress-free environment through improving interpersonal and professional skills, and by teaching how to become proficient in balancing leisure and work through the L.A.W. of Balance coaching program.

Through this program the following results are possible for your company:

  • Less sick leave will be taken

  • Health Care costs will be lower

  • Reduction in Workers Compensation Costs

  • Higher morale amongst employees

  • Improved team dynamics

"Thank you, Rhona, for your presentation to the Vernon Retired Teacher's Association.

It was interesting, interactive, informative, and appropriate for an audience of age 60+.  It was also entertaining. 


The use of the balloons to illustrate points about breathing, exercise and posture was inspiring!

There was something for everyone..."

CT, Vernon, BC

How can Rhona help you?

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