Affordable, new mini workshops to speed up your yoga practice, bring some peace and renewal to you, and to add new vinyasas to your classes. 

These practices can help your clients to magnify the positive effects yoga has on bringing balance to body, mind, and spirit. 

Register now to treat yourself to these 90-minute magical classes.

Workshops – 1.5 credits for each session

April 1st     Connecting to The Core of Your Practice

Our core is the base and power of all movement.  Helping your students connect to their inner core will take their yoga practice to an amazing new level of balance, strength, and, power.

April 8th     Keeping Your Head Up

Get to the core of simple moving techniques that can be easily taught to help bring tension into balance creating greater mobility, strength, and health in the shoulders and neck.

April 15th  Happy Spine, Happy Mind

A slow flow of movement focusing on coming from a place of sensory-motor amnesia to creating sensory-motor awareness, connecting body and mind to create correct movement. 

April 22nd Hips and Buttocks Refined

We are going to learn movements and techniques to help alleviate pain, tension and limited mobility by exploring mobility and functional movement of the hips and glutes.

April 29th  Meditation and Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra, also known as Yogic Sleep, is an ancient technique from India. It is a relaxation practice that brings your students to a place of total relaxation physically, mentally, and emotionally. Combined with easy, comfortable restorative yoga poses, this class will be a must in everyone's practice.

May 6th     Chakra Yoga

Chakra Yoga is the practice of combining yoga poses with the breath to open and balance the channels, known as Chakras, wheels of energy or energy centres of the body.

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3 workshops: $78    4 workshops: $96    


5 workshops: $110  6 workshops: $120

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