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Drinking Water After Weight Training

Whether we are training at your home or at a gym,

my fitness training programs are created with you in mind...       


~Learn to move with ease, function and stability ~


Are you wanting a healthier you?  Are you tired of being stuck in a rut? 


Whether your goal is functional training, core conditioning, rehab, weight loss, muscle toning, strength building, posture or balance, I will design a personalized program that is tailored to your needs and will help you meet your fitness/health/emotional goals quickly.


You will immediately feel noticeable improvements in your health and appearance each week and in just 12 weeks, you'll see significant changes – plus you'll have the tools to stay fit and healthy for a lifetime!


  Semi-Private and Small Group training is also available!  The same programs will be created for all – modifications,

however, will be shown for all exercises 

A woman in a plank position, performing a dumbbell row exercise while a trainer looks on

"Rhona was my ideal personal trainer.  For someone like me who hates exercising, I always found her to be encouraging, fun, always looking forward to our session, but also tough.  She could always make me do that one extra rep. Having said that I also found that she was great at reading my moods in that if it was a session where I needed to talk more than work, she seemed to know.  I benefitted greatly, both physically and mentally, from her knowledge, professionalism, and expertise. I would have absolutely no reservations about recommending her to anyone for her services."

Marti G, Vernon, B.C.

"Thanks for the encouragement. You always make me feel there is a ray of hope."
Bev J, Vernon, BC
Three kettlebells and two barbells are arranged on a gym floor, ready for a workout
Rhona Parsons exercising with a dumbbell and a red exercise ball, demonstrating a fitness routine
A woman holds a plank position on a concrete surface, showcasing her core strength and stability

"Rhona’s varied experiences allow her to develop a program for you that captures the best of all the fitness programs, incorporating weight training, Yoga, and Pilates. Rhona has a great ability to identify your fitness weaknesses and work with you to correct. I have focused on fitness for the past 20 years, having said that,  I have learned much about proper technique in the last few months with Rhona.

I would recommend Rhona for anyone who may have flexibility, strength or technique limitations."


Peter M, Vernon, B.C.

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