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Become an instructor today.

This magical Pilates-infused-Yoga certification course includes 4 hours of online instruction, 16 hours of in-house instruction, demonstration, and testing with a Master Trainer.


You don't need to be a certified Yoga or Pilates instructor to attend the training, however, it is HIGHLY recommended you take a few Yoga classes and/or Pilates classes to familiarize yourself with the flow movements and basic principles. You will receive the instructional manual on the first day of training.


This course will teach you:

  • The foundational elements of Antaraka Yoga

  • The 7 Principles of the Art of B.A.L.A.N.C.E.

  • Anatomy and physiology

  • Discovering your potential through study and training

  • How to get to your true core and find the teacher within

  • Pilates, core and Yoga sequences that will be broken into the warm-up, Yoga flow, core strength/conditioning, floor work and cool down.

  • The art of becoming a skillful thinking instructor

Pre-requisites: Anatomy/Physiology knowledge

Learning the art of becoming a skillful thinking instructor will be taught through observation and by analyzing and evaluating each other. Applying correct cueing and adjustments, and offering modifications will help enhance your inner strengths and creativity within the class’s guidelines. 


  • Detailed Instructor manual

  • Online updated educational material

  • Class plans and marketing material

  • No licensing fees for studios

  • No re-certification fees

  • CECS: Yoga Alliance, BCRPA, and CFES

  • This course also qualifies for expanded Scope of Practice Insurance.


Women Stretching
Regularly $897
Save by registering today!
only $497

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Yoga Mats
Yoga Class

The investment for this certification course is normally $897. The early bird rate is only $497! A non-refundable $250 deposit will be taken to reserve your spot and the remaining balance will be due 1 week before the first training day.      


Students will receive their Yoga Alliance, BCRPA, and/or CFES accredited certification upon completion.

Yoga Class
Yoga Class

"I wanted to share with you my recent experience with Rhona and her Antaraka Yoga course.


I am a Registered Massage Therapist, and I found this course to be extremely useful, fun and engaging.  The content was organized and detailed and provided a thorough explanation of each exercise and pose. We reviewed goals, anatomy, cautions, and modifications for each exercise and posture as they pertained to the poses.


As a class, we made use of every moment to ensure we were engaging the correct muscles and had awareness of the space of our bodies on our mats to execute each exercise correctly. This was extremely useful to me as I have brought this into my treatments and have learned the best way to break down each pose to teach my patients so they can benefit from particular exercises to strengthen and stretch safely and effectively that are directed for their personal needs.


Thank you, Rhona, for a fun, educational course"


OG | Vernon, BC

I recently participated in the Antaraka Yoga course given by Rhona Parsons in Prince Rupert and am so happy I did.  As always, Rhona went above and beyond any instructor I have ever had with the amount of information and examples she provided.
I currently teach yoga and although I am a certified Pilates instructor, I have not taught it for many years.  I felt that not only did Pyfusion give me some great new ideas for my yoga classes, but it has also awakened my excitement for Pilates again.  The information in the notes provided is very well done and very "user friendly".  The explanations and the diagrams of the poses are easy to follow and having done the full class in the course, I feel I got a great feel for the program and am able to now do it on my own.
Being in a small town, there are not a lot of opportunities for us fitness instructors to take courses without travelling far.  We are so fortunate to have Rhona, who makes a huge effort to come to Prince Rupert and keep us all motivated and educated!


KC | Prince Rupert, BC

"As I teach various ages and abilities, this training with Rhona was right up my alley. I wanted to study the breakdowns of the Pilates side of things more to help me cue the movements better in class. I have received great feedback from participants, who truly appreciate learning the basics again. They have noticed a change in how they activate particular muscles in their classes, which is exactly what I wanted them to strive towards. The yoga side of the course was new for me and very enlightening. I use movements from this course with my dancers, which was my goal when I registered for the course.

Teaching these yoga flows and movements to my students will help them to learn to control their range of motion and learn where their bodies are in space. This is part of their strength and conditioning program and I incorporate various movements I learned into the warm-ups and workout progressions among other exercises.

Rhona strives to help other fitness and health professionals gain more knowledge in their practices so they can better serve their clients.


Thank you, Rhona, for filling my brain with more fantastic information
SB | Vernon, BC

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