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Rhona Parsons
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Welcome to Bodyworks!
Hi...I am Rhona Parsons, the Balance Coach
Author ~ Speaker ~ Yoga and Fitness Educator ~ Life Coach ~ Personal Trainer 
After 25 years of working in an HR department in the corporate world, I wasn't having fun anymore.  I had been working part-time in the fitness industry as well so I  decided to retire from HR and became a fulltime personal trainer. This was the beginning of my own journey of bringing balance into my life.
I loved my new career! Seeing positive health and fitness changes in my clients' lives daily, I realized that I had found my purpose in life; to inspire others to live life to the fullest through fitness, health, and wellness.
Twenty-Five years later, I am still helping others find that balance through programs and tools.  Let me show you how to bring balance into your life too.
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"Breathe In Calm" is a  FREE ebook that can help you release stress IMMEDIATELY!


CEC online





Core Essentials is an awesome introduction to my favorite way of exercising my body and mind.  This fantastic trio of Pilates basics will help you connect to your inner core, creating a balanced body from the inside out. Everything starts from within...


and as Joseph Pilates said:

"No man, no machine can correct or create vitality, power, or health for you; everything comes from within, you have to unfold it"


Core Essentials