"Awareness is the beginning

of change"

Rhona Parsons
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Hi...I am Rhona Parsons, the Balance Coach
Author ~ Speaker ~ Yoga and Fitness Educator ~ Life Coach ~ Personal Trainer 
After 25 years of working in an HR department in the corporate world, I wasn't having fun anymore.  I had been working part-time in the fitness industry as well so I  decided to retire from HR and became a fulltime personal trainer. This was the beginning of my own journey of bringing balance into my life.
I loved my new career! Seeing positive health and fitness changes in my clients' lives daily, I realized that I had found my purpose in life; to inspire others to live life to the fullest through fitness, health, and wellness.
Twenty-Five years later, I am still helping others find that balance through programs and tools.  Let me show you how to bring balance into your life too.

The Ultimate 6-week transformation plan

suitable for every body!



Core Essentials is a fantastic Pilates workout helping you connect to your inner core, creating a balanced body from the inside out.




Beyond the scale...


"Breathe In Calm" is a  FREE ebook that can help you release stress IMMEDIATELY!


How can Rhona help you?

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