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What are you grateful for?

We are all here on this beautiful planet to experience love and peace; however, with everything that is going on in our world today, it is so easy to get caught up in all the fear and disharmony that so many people are experiencing.

Fear can also show up as anger, frustration, anxiety, worry, terror, distress and other like words. Gratitude is an excellent tool to move this negative energy, and replace it with peace, love, happiness and joy. When we can truly love our self, the fear that we sometimes feel will begin to dissipate, and we will start to experience inner peace.

Thanksgiving is a day for us to look at all that we have and to bring to realization all that we are grateful for in our lives. By acknowledging the things that bring us love and joy, we can begin to move towards healing and bringing balance into our life. Being grateful for all that you have will help you experience the happiness feeling in your heart. Feeling it in your heart will automatically bring joy to you and inevitably, will be felt by those closest to you as it will radiate out from you.

So how can you begin to bring gratefulness into your life?

1. Begin to cultivate and consciously apply an attitude of gratitude every day. Share your gratitude with those closest to you and to people you see during your day. Share a hug, a smile, laughter, a meal, or just a simple 'hello'.

2. Writing in a gratitude journal is a great way to get your feelings down on paper. It will then bring your feelings to fruition and, as well, something you can look back at whenever you need some inspiration. I write my appreciations in a journal and on an affirmation card that I always keep with me. You can download an affirmation card from my website:

1. Choose the same time every day to acknowledge and express appreciation for where you are in your life and for what you have; your home, career, car, family, peacefulness, joy...

2. Write with heartfelt gratitude and feel the emotions that come up; acknowledge the emotions and allow them to flow freely through you. "Awareness is the beginning of change"

3. Before you go to sleep at night, think of three things that you are grateful for that have made you happy during the day. Be thankful for those things and feel them in your heart.

“If you feel happy for what you have, have an attitude of gratitude and be grateful,

then it will come true, and you will be great, and you will be full!

Yogi Bajan

From my family to yours, wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!


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