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“Age is not defined by years but by the suppleness of the spine”

                                                                           Joseph Pilates

What is Pilates?


PILATES (pronounced pil-ah-tees) is a non-impact conditioning method that offers a safe and effective exercise regime that focuses on balancing the body by carefully altering between stretching and strengthening with control and precise movements.


Pilates' basic principles of concentration, centering, control, fluidity, breathing, and precision are used to increase core strength and stability.


Fact:  Most people that suffer from low back pain usually have weak abdominal muscles.


By teaching you simple mat exercises, you will become more aware of your body and its movements and will have the ability to release your body of any tension that it’s feeling.


More benefits include:

~ Increased breathing patterns

~Improved posture and self-confidence

~Relief of lower back pain

~Strengthening and toning the body creating longer, leaner muscles     




Your Core and Your Pelvic Floor


Do you know that the muscles of the pelvic floor are part of "your core"?


Our deep inner core is made up of the Multifidus, Transversus Abdominus, Diaphragm and the Pelvic Floor. Together these muscles work together to support and stabilize the pelvis and spine. When one area is weak, imbalances can occur which can lead to pain and/or dysfunction. We participate in physical activity to exercise the muscles of our body but the pelvic floor is often neglected since many do not even realize there are muscles there to strengthen!


Learning how to fully and effectively work your core, including the pelvic floor, is critical to your overall health; Learning how to strengthen the body from the inside out is a great place to start!

Rhona is a very skilled and knowledgeable trainer.  She easily adapts exercises to ensure those with physical impediments will benefit without pain.  My physical strength and mobility has improved considerably in the year I have been attending Rhona’s classes.  We have a lot of fun with Rhona because she varies the activities and motivates us throughout the class.


Lisa M, Armstrong, BC


"Your knowledge of anatomy and natural teaching ability with explanations and illustrations of what muscle groups we should be activating with each exercise has really allowed me to wake up and strengthen groups I didn't know I was ignoring.  The variety is amazing and interesting. I stand taller, walk prouder and have seen strength increase consistently. Your guidance through Pilates has been life altering Rhona.  Thank you so much!" 

Michele M, Vernon, BC

Illustration of a person in a Pilates pose with the word 'Pilates' written above, showcasing the strength and flexibility ach
"Through these exercises you will purposefully acquire complete control of your own body.
They will build a strong and flexible body with a sound mind"
~Joseph H. Pilates 1945
Anatomical illustration showing the muscles of the core, including the multifidus, transversus abdominis, and pelvic floor.
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