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Recovery • Strength • Prevention


Do you (or someone you know) live with urinary incontinence? Most women are too embarrassed to talk about it, don’t know that help exists, or think that it’s a natural part of pregnancy, menopause, or aging.          


Dr. Arnold Kegel first described the importance of pelvic floor exercise in the 1940s. Since then, research has shown that the pelvic floor naturally responds to movement, and that certain movements create stronger pelvic floor contractions than Kegel exercises.      


The great news is, incontinence is treatable with exercise.  I can show you all you need to do to strengthen the pelvic floor in a short period of time. The exercises are movements we do every day! 


Join me to learn 10 exercises (you only need to master the right one for you) that will help reverse urinary incontinence.  It works, I promise!                                                                                  



Pfilates In person Workshop

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