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This very gentle form of Yoga is excellent for people with various types of movement disorders or those coming back from an injury or illness. It can also easily be incorporated into an active older adult setting and is for everyone, any age, and any fitness level. Yoga teacher, Rhona Parsons, takes a gentle step-by-step approach teaching a series of stretches and yoga poses that flow seamlessly together. The health benefits of this program are endless – improved breathing, reduced blood pressure, improved mobility, movement and posture, better sleep, and increased stamina to make everyday tasks easier. All aspects of Yoga – postures, pranayama (breath), meditation, and relaxation can be performed using the chair complemented with a ball. This special population can find comfort using the chair as an aide – helping to decrease the fear of falling, reducing anxiety and stress. This easy-to-follow book will allow you to start practicing the program right away, immediately bringing calmness and balance into all aspects of your life.

Balance Yoga With The Chair

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