In a saucepan combine:


½ cup crushed bran flakes

½ cup prunes (about 20) pureed with 1/4-cup water

3 tbsp honey or 1tbsp honey and 2 tbsp apple sauce

3 tbsp peanut butter


Heat on low, making sure mixture doesn’t boil


In a bowl combine:


¼ cup ground flax seed

3/4-cup oats (1/4 of which is ground)

1-cup protein powder

1/2-cup dried fruit, (I like to use craisins)


Pour dry ingredients into the saucepan and use elbow grease to mix together


Put wax paper in 10x6” pan and press mixture into it; if sticky, wet hands

Refrigerate until firm

Pull the wax paper out of the pan and using a long, sharp knife, cut the mixture into 10 2x3” bars or 8- 2x5” bars.


(Any fruit or grain can be substituted – just use your favourite ingredients)


Total calories per bar:  160

         Protein                   39 = 25%

         Carbohydrates       93 = 58%

         Fat                         28 = 17%


Preheat oven to 200 degrees Celcius

Grease muffin tin (makes 12)

Beat together:

6 eggs

2 tbsp milk

Place your choice of fillings into muffin tins:


Green onions





Pour beaten eggs over top of fillings and bake for 20-25 minutes on the centre rack

Cool for a few minutes before taking out of the pan.

Cool completely before freezing.

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