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Get Back Your Mojo With The Mojo Project

Hi...I am Rhona Parsons, the Balance Coach. I am an Author ~ Speaker ~ Yoga and Fitness Educator ~ Life Coach ~ Personal Trainer.

As a teacher of pelvic floor health for women, it was only recently when two of my male friends were diagnosed with Prostate Cancer that I realized how important this work is for men as well.

So how can I help you?

I can help you:

  • Learn about how to alleviate some of the side effects that occur after prostate cancer surgery.

  • Understand how strengthening of the pelvic floor with specific functional exercises will reduced Urinary Incontinence (UI) significantly.

  • Master specific pelvic floor exercises that will take approximately 10 minutes a day to perform.

Feel healthier, stronger, taller, and ready to seize each day!

This life-time accessible course is full of information that can help you with health risks and possible outcomes associated with Prostate Cancer.

Your investment for lifetime access to The Mojo Project is only $49!

Still need more information to convince you this course is worthwhile?

After doing a lot of research, talking to clients and colleagues, and taking some specific courses in regards to Prostate Cancer, I now have the knowledge and understanding about how prostate cancer affects men’s health. Here are a few facts:

1. The Prostate is a small walnut-shaped gland that sits just below the bladder and is part of the male reproductive system that produces the seminal fluid that nourishes and transports sperm.

2. Prostate cancer develops when prostate cells go through genetic changes. The main symptoms are changes in urination, painful ejaculation, and erectile dysfunction.

3. One of the symptoms many men suffer with is UI. This can happen after (cancer) surgery, from an enlarged prostate, or other ailments. In most cases, UI is treatable with exercise.

Your investment for lifetime access to The Mojo Project is only $49!

While our course does teach you how to mitigate the effects of ailments such as prostate cancer and associated health issues, we still recommend that you make regular yearly visits to a doctor to have a physical.


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