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Diet and weight loss for women healthy c

Transform your body...your relationship with food...and your LIFE in 42 days!

Sign up today and begin the BONUS 2-week Re-set program to get you back on track.

January 14th - September 10th, 2023


With the Summer season upon us, are you:

  • Feeling guilty about all the foods and drinks you are indulging in and beating yourself up about it?

  • Wanting to get back on track to eating and feeling better?

  • Missing your workout routine while you look after everyone else's needs?

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If you answered yes to one or more of these questions,


   I have the solution for you.


If you're tired of habitually over-indulging in rich foods, your favorite bevvies, and feeling depleted of energy and uncomfortable in your own body, NOW is the time to commit to creating the lasting changes in your exercise and eating habits that will give you the strength, vibrancy, and confidence to be your best!



 bodyFIT is an interactive online/in-person group program that will help you achieve your health goals and transformation. In 42 days, you will see, feel, and love the new you and the positive changes you are creating in your life! 


bodyFIT is THE program that has all the tools you need to create the best version of who you want to be.  With coach Rhona beside you every step of the way, the combination of the awesome fitness, health, and wellness signature programs that you will learn and put into practice will set you on the road to success.

Transform your body...your relationship with food...and your LIFE in 42 days!

   There are 4 options to join the challenge:

1. You have purchased the bodyFIT book and will follow the six-week workout in the book.  Investment: $0

2. You have purchased the bodyFIT book and will purchase the videos from the website to follow. Investment: $77 plus GST

3. You have purchased the bodyFIT book and will join the live videos (or receive the recordings).

Investment: $167 plus GST

4. You are purchasing the bodyFIT program that includes the bodyFIT workbook and the live videos (recordings).

Investment *$197 plus GST       *using the coupon code: SUMMERVIRTUAL100 to receive $100 off   

No matter what option you choose,
you will also receive:


  • An awesome library with exercise how-to videos

  • Access to a private community Facebook page for daily online support, motivation, and encouragement

  • Bonus #1 - A 15-minute 1:1 coaching session with Rhona at the beginning of the challenge. 

  • Bonus #2 - An E-copy of Rhona's published book "21 Ways to Bring Balance into Your Life."

  • Bonus #3 - Weekly live Q and A calls with Rhona to answer any questions and celebrate WINS!

Why work with me?

I have always wanted to help people with their fitness, health, and wellness goals after becoming a fitness instructor in 1996 so I pursued Personal Training and began my Yoga teacher's journey in 1997. Taking my training further, I became a Pilates Instructor in 2000 and a Pfilates (pelvic floor) instructor in 2015. 

I have helped and coached hundreds of clients, helping them live life to the fullest through fitness, health, and wellness.

Continuing my education, I joined the Canadian Master Trainers' Barre Above and Tabata GX team to teach fitness programs internationally.  I also create and deliver CEC programs to other fitness, health, and yoga instructors and clients all over the world.
I will inspire, educate, and coach you to achieve the results you are wanting, ensuring your exercise experience is enjoyable and fun to keep you interested and motivated.  No matter what obstacle or barrier surfaces, you will stick to your fitness and lifestyle plan because it will become your “way of life.”  You may not come to love exercise, but you will love all that it brings to your life.   

"When you are ready for change, you are ready for me"        

Rhona Parsons sitting on the floor in workout attire, leaning against a red exercise ball with dumbbells on the floor nearby.
 Rhona Parsons performing a seated side stretch on a red yoga mat with a Buddha statue backdrop.

Are you ready to make a positive change
in your lifestyle?


Do I need to get into shape before I do your program?
There is no time like the present to get fit and healthy. It doesn't matter if you are new to fitness, coming back from an injury, a weekend warrior, or an elite athlete; I promise I will teach you how to work at a pace that is comfortable for you and will give you the results you are looking for!

I don't need to lose weight; I need to gain weight. Is this program for me?

bodyFIT is for every body! Whether you need to gain or lose weight, this program will guide you to achieve your goals successfully. You need to trust the process and believe in yourself. After registration, you will write out your goals, and modifications to exercises, cardio, and nutrition will be shared with you.

How often do I have to work out during the six weeks?

Three days a week is optimal, but sometimes life gets in the way. To see the desired results, you should stick to the program as closely as possible. Sometimes when we think we don't have time to exercise, that's the best time to do it...and you know what? You will have the BEST workout ever. 
When are the live classes?
The live classes are on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 9:00 am, PST.  If you are unable to make them, the recording will be sent to you right after the class so that you can do it at your leisure.

Are my results guaranteed?

Your level of success in attaining the results from participating in the bodyFIT program depends on the time you devote to the program and your commitment to yourself.


Are you available to answer questions during the program? 
During the program, you will have access to 24/7 email support, plus you'll be a member and have access to the private Facebook page, where you can get information from your teammates and me.

What equipment will I need for the workouts? 

Small hand-held weights are all you need. If you don't have any, cans of food work well, and you can also create weights by filling plastic containers with sand, for example.

What others are saying about Rhona...

Client Karen Cruz
“Rhona is one of the most honest and passionate people I know. She is in the fitness and health industry because she truly cares about the well being of people.  She is so eager and willing to share anything and everything she knows with her students and clients and she knows A LOT!  You always gain valuable insight and information from any class or course you take with her. Rhona continues to inspire and guide me along my fitness career path, and I wouldn't be as successful as I am today without her.”
Karen C. | BC Canada
Client Joan Y
Hi Rhona, I just wanted to encourage all the ladies that are participating in your program and tell them to keep up the good work. My name is Joan. I was 70 when I began Rhona's Bodyworks program in January 2021. My goal was to lose 25 pounds as well as tone my body, lose some inches and generally feel better. The program came along when I was in a slump, I had gained weight and wasn't feeling as energetic as usual. I loved everything about the program.

Rhona's energetic, positive nature was always encouraging. Recording what I ate and drinking 8 glasses of water a day really helped keep me on track. I found I wasn't hungry and craving empty carbs like I normally would. I did have my moments but usually managed to eat a healthier snack, usually protein rather than junk food. The exercise program was great because they were short, but I always felt like I had a good workout. At the end of 6 weeks, I had lost 14.8 pounds and 21.5 inches. I gained other benefits from the program as well. I can now go up and down stairs one foot after the other instead of putting one foot on the step and pulling the other one after it. My arthritic knees are much stronger now, probably from strengthening the muscles. I notice my balance is better as well. Also, my right arm which has a tear in the rotator cuff is much more flexible and I am hoping I can avoid surgery on it. Although I can't do some of the weight exercises with my right arm, I feel the ones I can do are making it stronger.

As Rhona always says, "listen to your body". Although I am not watching my diet as closely and don't always drink my 8 glasses of water, I am maintaining my weight loss and find I don't crave the bad carbs the way I used to. I feel great. Your hard work will pay off.
Thank you, Rhona.
Joan Y. | BC Canada
Client Myrna

"Two weeks into the bodyFIT program and I was feeling more toned and stronger. I was easily able to get on track with my diet once I realized I wasn't eating enough. Having the daily food/water journal and nutritional information really helped. I really enjoyed the workout videos as well, including The Core Essentials which is awesome".

Thanks, Rhona!

Myrna H. | BC Canada

Client LC lunge

Rhona is a wealth of knowledge about how the body works and uses functional exercises with adaptations as needed. I have learned from her about the core, pelvic floor, movement and so much more.


I looked my best at my wedding last year after the bodyFIT program, during which I toned and tightened, taking inches off my waist and body. Her years of experience coupled with an enthusiastic attitude will help you set and exceed your own fitness and healthy living goals.

Laura A. | BC Canada

If you're ready for change, you're ready for me...

Invest in your health today!


 You can do this...
I'm with you every step of the way.   


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